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At Peninsula Technical Services, we offer many forms of Inspection services and Non-

Destructive Testing services. Our Inspection services can be

performed at our facility in Delmar, DE or at your location.

We also specialize in all forms of quality assurance and quality control. We can

provide your company with on-site project management services and perform

vendor audit, qualification and surveillance services.

We can provide the following QA/QC in-process inspection services:


 Review of your vendor submittals including welding procedures, NDE procedures,·

quality plans, weld maps, process and test procedures.

 Provide vendor oversight services including expediting, QA/QC, witnessing and performing·

inspections whether one time, on demand or resident.

On-site QA/QC services for project work.

Non-Destructive & Destructive Testing

We have NDT capabilities for the following methods:

 Visual (ANST level II’s and AWS CWI’s).·

 Liquid penetrant (PT) inspection (visible and fluorescent).·

 Magnetic particle (MT) testing (wet, dry, visible and fluorescent).·

 Ultrasonic (UTT) thickness testing·

 Pressure testing.·

 Metallographic testing.·

We can also perform the following mechanical tests for qualifications:

 Guided-bend testing.·

 Tensile testing.·

 Shear testing.·

 Toughness testing.·

All NDT inspectors are qualified in accordance with ASNT SNT-TC-1A, AWS QC-1

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